Hi I'm not sure if this has been discussed on other threads, I had a look around but couldn't see anything. Apologies if it has.
Now I know this is a bit of a minefield and can be very subjective but I'd like to know other peoples take on which are the best DVD-R disks for recording movies to be played on stand alone DVD systems.
I've recently just got into transfering home movies from VHS tape to DVD and some of the disks produced are experiencing problems, such as sticking and 'blockie' pictures. I now understand the need to used good branded disks (the first ones I bought were cheapo unbranded). But after trawling around the forums it also seems like it could be a compatibility problem between disk and burner.
My original disks seem fine but the copies made from them, to give to my family, have experienced the above problem. My burner is a TSST corpDVD W SH-S182D. I've been recommended to buy Datawrite Titanium (if I can find a shop that sells them) but I'm happy to use any disks that will prove reliable for both playback and long term storage. I'd also like printable disks as I like to design my own disk labels.

OK so all suggestions welcome
Thanks in advance. :)

On my dvd recorder, it needs + not -

My recorder can burn to all types of disks. The recorded dvd's play ok on the pc, it's just a problem on some stand alone dvd players.

are you finalising them?

Hi, I don't think I need to, Nero does it for you when you create the movie. If they needed finalising then they wouldn't play at all. These sometimes play and sometimes they pause during playback.

I'm told it's most probably a dvd disk problem it's just finding a good reliable disk to use.