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>> need to know what I need to start my first server ...
A computer with a monitor and a keyboard -- Oh yea, you'll also need a building to put it in and some electricity to run it.

A server can also be a waiter in a resturant. So I'd suggest you get a job in a resturant if you want to be a server.

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:) anyone for tennis?

Thanks smartass...

I have the computer, the keyboard, and yes a monitor too... What would be the next step or direction to head in?

I did the server thing at one of those restaurants before and I think being a designer right now treats me a lot better.

Where from? Boston here...

Are all the answers here sarcastic or is this some sort of initiation thing that I am going to get for a few weeks or something...

Thanks for the starting point



I guess the info next to your name would have answered the location question huh...

"Ohhh biker" "Im and idiot" -Super troopers



>>Thanks smartass...
Yes -- this is the Greek's LOUNGE afterall where silly answers should always be expected. If you want serious answers then post in one of the technical or software forums.


Got ya... Thanks I always get confused for about these forums rooms and I sometimes post a message in the wrong room...

Thanks again


a server can be anythuing, its nothing special. depends on what you want to do

a small home router is a server - it serves network adresses
a pc with p2p on is essentially a server

server is a broad definition

what do you want to do with it?


I am looking to set up a server for gaming... (ie battlefield 2, etc.)

End product I want to rent servers... monthly fee and you can have a server for gamin

Good business you think???

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