Well I am currently an IT student... I'm attending courses online. I actually found this community while trying to help a friend with a computer problem. I am kind of hoping that someone here may be able to help... His internet was shut off briefly today. Ever since it was turned back on this afternoon, he hasn't been able to get into any programs. When he first got online he as able to use Yahoo IM. But now he can't even use that. He's run a virus scan w/Norton, but nothing shows up. No program will open. I was thinking a virus/worm that had stayed dormant, but I'm not sure... He's running Windows XP. He thinks it may have something to do with Winamp that he downloaded or maybe Java. I know that a few weeks ago, I had a similar problem with my computer after downloading Java. But I was able to uninstall it. He isn't even able to do that.

Any suggestions?


heya krisit, welcome.

As for the computer problem.

1st disble all add-ons under the "Manage Add-ons" as follows: Tools > Internet Options > Programs > Manage Add-Ons. Doing this should require a restart but for good measure do it anyway. Once logged back in verify you have a signal. Then attempt to launch Yahoo Messenger. You should get an error at this point due to the fact that you disabled the add-ons. After you find out what the error says, go back to the add-ons and enable the particular add-on that was mentioned in the error. Then re-attempt yahoo messenger.

2nd Measure to take. If the above fails. Have your friend execute a system restore. Perferably to a point that he remembers that everything was "fine".

Good luck.

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