I see quizzes up here in this forum sometimes, so I ran across this one from PBS's Frontline show that I thought would be interesting to people. It's a quiz given to Marines about to deploy to Iraq regarding when they can/should shoot and when they can't/shouldn't. Like most multiple choice tests, sometimes none of the answers seem perfect and you want another option, but check it out. I got 17 out of 19. Could be an interesting window into personalities. Do you get more wrong because you are too hesitant to pull the trigger or too quick to pull the trigger?


I get more wrong because I assume the people making up the ROEs are wusses who'd rather have their own people get killed than offend some foreigner...

>Shoot the Iraqis carrying Evian bottles because [Evian] is manufactured in France.

>Wait until evening prayers, then bomb the mosque.

I got 11 out of 19, probably because I focused too much on preserving potentially innocent lives. :icon_rolleyes:


A. Kill the Iraqi police because they are probably responsible for the attack or at least condoned it.

probably correct lol

7/19 correct. I answered every question with using deadly force Rambo style.

Yes, I believe the key to success in this test is balance!

Yes, I believe the key to success in this test is balance!

Well, also reading carefully your options. Your goal is to agree with the person writing (and thus grading) the test. So you know when you read an option labeled "Run Away" and you know that this test was written by and given to Marines, chances are that's the wrong answer. If it's phrased "Engage in a tactical retreat", maybe. No Marine is going to be willing to check "Run Away", even if he's outnumbered ten to one and has no bullets and actually thinks in his own mind that it's the smart decision. His ego may be able to accept "Tactical retreat", but not "Run Away", so chances are that's the wrong answer even before you read the question.

I agree entirely there VernonDozier, egos are very important to troop morale!