I am a self taught VB programmer and have been coding vb for about 9 years. I took a VB course at a community college as a requirement. The class did teach some fundamentals and was great exposure, however, even w/ an A avg. I was no programmer after the class was complete. After school I wanted to work on something productive for the summer so I decided to do the class VB Book cover to cover on my own. Once done I was able to write small useful programs and even a yatzee game. Then I went to Barnes & Noble or Borders to see what they had to offer for literature on VB. I grabbed a couple SAMs Books e.g. Learn VB in 21 days, VBA , Visual Basic and Databases. These books are huge but every chapter had a project that you build, applying the skills you learned in each chapter. This was the funnest and most productive learning process I have ever experienced. Warning, VB programming is highly addictive and can cause severe anti-social behavior like "shut up I'm coding" responses and can increase frequency of headaches and cigarette consumption. You'll get to the web for reference when you get stuck but for the real learning buy a book, if you are a true coder at heart you will purchase many more as you grow.

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Welcome. I am about the same. Self taught VBer.

If you get into VB.NET, try the Microsoft Press books, in particular thier "step by step" range.

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