Hi everyone,

I'm a feisty young woman with tons of non-technical skills trying to swim (and not sink) at a new job for a not for profit organization. I'm doing allot of things I'm really good at, but troubleshooting tech is not one of them. We don't have the money for an IT person and our new executive director is not familiar with our level of DIY technology... and keeps asking me how to fix stupid little things that most people would find work arounds for themselves. She doesn't even sort her e-mails into folders! Aaah!

I'm going to try and find the appropriate places to post my wacky questions- keep an eye out for exciting strangeness.

About me; theater and gamer geek; 15th level Pastamancer in KOL; started reading comic books (Civil War) recently (which are total soap operas and I love it) ; fan of fantasy novels; BTVS/Angel; Rock Band;ren faires; southern food; etc.

Welcome! Thank you for reading the rules and following them in your post. Not a lot of new members do that.

Hi...Welcome to Daniweb Friend :)

Glad to have you with us!