Hi to all here ,
I am new to this so tolerate me.
I have just retired after 32 years in the UK Fire service married with two teenage sons,and as I am now on a pension I am looking to supplement this by running a couple of on line business ventures.

I have selected my options and I am happy that they are viable and probably the best on line business opportunities around having done much research .

I am looking for a couple of people who have IT skills and ability to show me the ropes as how to make the most of these two business's and also of the Internet.

I want to meet people who know how to manipulate websites and optimize search engines.

Both of these opportunities have a Massive potential to make a residual income beyond the usual expectations.
So if you think you are that person and want to know more , as it is free and no money will change hands between us , this opportunity is free to join .
I look forward to hearing from you.
<snip email>

looking forward to a great future Phil Yates.

Glad to have you with us!

Hi...Welcome to Daniweb Friend :)