anybody got a good science project idea involving physics (it has to be a physics project). I need a topic by friday and would appreciate any ideas ppl have to offer.

I did a project a some years ago on "inertia of electrons" and argued that an
electron had to weigh something for it to be attracted to a neucleus. Matter
is attracted to matter, component form or not. So I get this big fat 'F' for not
thinking like a trained circus monkey. My close-minded chemist/physics
instructor refused to acknowledge that in order to say that I was wrong he
needed to disprove a relationship between atomic neucleii and electrons.
Frikken jackass.. ..and he followed it all up with a quip about how everyone
knows that and electron weighs nothing. Now we find that an electron weighs
1/1836 that of a hydrogen atom. Imagine that. The method used was a series
of frequency calculations. Each element had a frequency.. even in 1992.
Frequency equals wobble and I thought it was easy eneough to illustrate.

Anyway I argued that this would be detectible using the same method as
astrophysicists use to detect large bodies around neighboring stars. Detecting
the wobble. I illustrated the wobble with a lighted box and a kids inflated ball
(assuming in my case that the outside of the ball was the outer most valance shell)
and weighted it by opening the ball and putting a glob of epoxy on a small
area on the inside. I spun two balls side by side, one weighted and one not,
powered by a tape deck motor and held together simply by the creative use
of cardboard, epoxy and spray paint to make a nice display.

Maybe this will give you an idea or two. Im still bent about the whole thing.
Pick somthing, proven or not that's physics related and come up with a real
world illustration to help others understand what you do. Thats what its all

MAN IT'S BEEN 12 YEARS. I'm glad I make like six times more than that
damned instructor. Sometimes it's just more fun being angry.

Anger and Fear.. our two great motivators.