I have been chortling to myself all night - I just found this comic - my dearest went to bed hours ago but still I continue to click to the next comic. This one struck home.

The last two made my day.

Same thing happened to me when I found QC. Here's a list of comics I regularly read:

D*mn!, I probably should not have started this thread. I have been struggling for days to get caught up w/QC (I am up to 550) - QC pointed me to another 7 strips and now.... you offer me 3 more I have not seen.

Here are the ones I follow regularly (and am caught up on):

This one is, um, disturbed
Kind of like xkcd

I think Fox News makes a pretty good Geek Komics. My friends and I sometimes watch the old tube on the Fox News channel and have a barrel of laughs.

I found this blog - their tag is "We watch FOX so you don't have to." FOX news has hired Bush's brain (Carl Rove) as an 'objective' talking head. Oddly enough, Carl has taken to appearing without his wedding band on???

I can barely even read about FOX news w/o getting my bp up -- then I have to watch Dave take Bill O' to the woodshed to calm down

I just love that slam 'that's because I am a thoughtful guy'

I have never seen Carl Rove on Fox News, but he should fit right into the motley crew of characters there. With a face like that what would you expect to come out of it!

I watch the Fox News Channel, get my laughs, and leave before permanent brain damage sets in.