My name is Christian,

I am a recent addition to the adult community (that meaning the Australian standard of being an adult, which is 18), I have been pretty heavily into computers my whole life, but up until last year my computer was solely for gaming purposes.
Sometime around last year I actually decided to see what my computer could really do, and since then my horizons have basically shot to the moon. Though, after reading a few forums on this site I have realised just how far my horizons have yet to expand before I really understand anything at all...

Okay, a little about me...
I am a very intuitive person, I actually listen to that little voice inside my head alot of the time, whether it leads to bad over good more often than not I cannot really say...

I live in Sydney, Australia and work for a Wireless ISP, as it says in my job description, I am the companies punching bag bascially. Which, surprisingly, has some really great perks, like the fact that I 'accidentally' learn alot of things that i'm apparently not supposed to.

Anyhow, enough rabbling.

See you in the forums!

Welcome to daniweb veinscape.

Lots to learn here!

hey friend , welcome to this community also.
This is like ocean of knowledge , take what ever u can and give what ever u can. have a good day

Hi...Welcome to Daniweb Friend :)

Glad to have you with us!