Hello, I am KathiD. I am looking for information on how to regain administrator rights on an old laptop my husband used in a different job four years ago. There are a lot of things I cannot do because I don't have administrator rights. He only ever logged on to the machine as a guest with no password. One of his old email accounts in Outlook cannot be accessed. There is email he would like to review and contacts he would like to make but the .pst account won't open.

I have read all about getadmin and crash4 methods to get into the administrator group to no avail. I now consider this a learning process. I don't want to be a hacker, but I do want to have full access to this old laptop. It will be my learning tool. I will be grateful for any help anyone can offer to help me with this problem. I am just a curious person who likes doing things on computers and don't like to back down from a challenge.

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