Hello All:

My name is R'Lee Serratt and I've just found Dani Web. I've been working with computers since about 1993 but I have no formal training. My ego says that I KNOW about computers and my brain says "Ya...Sure You Do" I guess I know enough to be dangerous, but only to myself. I have one site up. It's and article directory and it's a script but I did the design myself. I am also working on either 2 or 3 other sites depending on how I feel about my work on any given day.
Well since I'm here introducing myself I guess I could also get a question out of the way.
About a month ago my computer started shutting down spontaneously. No prompt from me, no error message, no nothing. It does give a warning thus; System shutting down. please save all work. That's it.
About 3 months ago the power light went to blinking but that only happened maybe 5 times and it hasn't occurred since.
Are these two issues related?
Any ideas on the issues individually?
What would be the correct forum to ask these questions in?

Well that's about it for now.

Thanks in advance


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no tech questions in this board please (hint: i think its overheating/bad power supply)

Thanks for the (hint);)

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