Is anyone into the whole micronation simulation thing?

As of yet no (to be honest have not heard of it) what is it? I know what a micronation is and presume that micronation simulation is similar to sim city but on a micronation scale. Am I correct in thinking this?

sort of, generally people get on forums and simulate the running of a small country , e.g create law, deciede on action etc.... its a political roleplay which helps you expore current events.

I usually just drop a very large nuke on them, turning them into parking lots :)

i tried this once but it was lacking in immediate gratification.

i think my nation eventually depleted their resources and turned to cannibalism, but i'm not for sure

why not, were you killed and eaten before you could make certain?

nah. i took the tax reserves and a private jet to the Maldives. those are just rumours i heard whilst sipping rum drinks.

Wait. Is this in real life, or on the computer? The wiki article makes it seem like ACTUAL nations.