Hi all, I have a project going which involves the search on various chemicals used in the pharma industry. I have tried searching on the net but all I land up is on the pages that I have already visited. I need to find something that is more than the usual information I have, need to access the web pages that store more information about them. Do you people know any thing that can help me find specific information on the net?

Your suggestions could make my project better.

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Net is a store of information and the deeper you go the better you get. I have been working as a SEM and I frequently need to go through different types of research work online. I know that it is a difficult job to find the exact thing you need on the web unless you are an expert in it. I recently found a software that not only assists you in finding what you need but also gives you the flexibility to go beyond the common search. It is a good Web Search Tool that can help you in your project.

All the best in your project.

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