My ID derives from being my parents' 8th daughter of 10--yes, all girls--Italian
("Musolino".) Married, daughter,I live in Virginia, USA & have an English/Comm degree. I taught school several yrs while attending Johnson & Wales Culinary b4 catching the tech bug. I then began my self-taught PC "career" @ least 13 yrs ago by learning to build them, from the motherboard up.

Tech-wise, my interests lie mainly w/hardware, registry issues, & the like, but I can get into software stuff too--also into electronics of all kinds. I fix many of my sisters'/friends' PC prob's by telephone troubleshooting, also do occasional consulting for private clients who are desperate for help & ready to trash their PC's.

Other interests include AKITAS(I love dogs,) cooking, horticulture/gardening (landscape bus w/ husband,) photography, old Craftsman houses & Frank Lloyd Wright architecture, & learning about a vast array of subjects (including auto mechanics, audio system installs, household repairs, etc, etc.) by researching Inet, reading @ library, & gleaning info from those proficient w/in their chosen field(s.)

Hope to learn alot from daniweb's members, white papers, etc.

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