dear friends,

I got a new idea to start here.

" any one who is junior or senior,technical or non-technical
new one or old one in dani web or in this world
may express his/her own ideas,dreams about some kind of computers
or can give here an very new idea with open mind"

I may start :

I have an idea of a TIME TRAVELLER machine and i want to travel
in some near past to save myself from an accident

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I have a dream that the predatory empire builders will become extinct.
There's no need to see the universe when your country is this beautiful, but I would like to visit the origins of creative, gentle humans.


My dream is to create something that will protect electronic devices from external surges of electricy and magnetism. Then, I would load up as much information as possible in there and throw it in the water with the combination to the lock written on the container so that whoever finds it will be able to open it and not have to start from scratch.

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