I like to think big and i'm here to learn how to set up an ebay type website, thats right I'm a big dreamer, I'm a doer and need to start learning whats required and to gain a basic to intermediate understanding of whats needed.

Then I will try to put a team togeather to make it happen

In advance I'd like to thank anyone that takes there own time out to help others, I do but in my prefession being an ambulance Officer in the mining industry.

Please be easy with me as my knowledge is not computers and programing ect but I'm a doer in so many other fields.

Hope to be made to feel welcome here.

Regards Terry


there are many eccomerce solutions available with auction abilities

check out a site called "hotscripts"

Hi Terry...Welcome to Daniweb Friend :)

Hi thanks for the info some good reading

Regards terry

Hi Terry,
It is nice to have dreams at times!
Welcome, by the way.

Hi Terry,
It is nice to have dreams at times!
Welcome, by the way.

Hi and thanks for the welcome, I started getting places once I started dreaming, so I dream on.

Regards Terry

Hi Terry
First and foremost THANKS for being an ambulance officer
I'm a bike rider [some times crasher]
You guys have always come and picked up my pieces
I hope that your dreams come to fruition for you
Dreams [ambitions] are what get us out of bed on the morning and off into the adventure of life
We have a site here in NZ called trademe.co.nz
jump on line and have a look at its format
I use it all the time and as a computer ignorant user I find it to be user friendly
I know this will not help you with the actual "set up" this is more for once you have succeeded
The Chinese have a blessing that goes something like this
"May you have whatever you wish for times one thousand"
THANKS once again for being an ambulance officer

Thanks for your words Stocky.

Thats a great site, is it yours? if it is can you tell me about it?

Regards Terry

Hi Terry
Like you I am just a visiter to this site
Its way friendly when you first post a thread you get people from all over the world saying welcome
I just joined in on the welcome line keeping things friendly just as they were for me when I first logged in
I came here looking for a solution to a problem and never left [ha ha]
Im computer ignorant so its good to be in touch with so many "Geeks" things start to become clearer
Also I've found my solution by looking at others questions which makes you feel a bit better knowing that you're not the only one with similar probs
Have a great day mate
Regards STOCKY