Let's get the introductions out of the way.

My name is Alan (aka Al / Con / Alanis / Atlantis Morricone / Dominicus / Al Jazeira [the musical terrorist] - yup us musos never stop behaving like teenagers and finding stoopid nicknames for each-other.

I work during the day for a defence engineering company, mainly in electrical safety and (sadly) mostly updating project safety management documentation - outside of the bill-paying I am a long-term semi-pro singer/guitarist in 6 different bands (in various states of readiness/unreadiness) - if you are interested you can check-out my MySpace pages for most of the currently working bands:-


I was a grammar school lad (only a council grammar school - not a posh rich boys one) so am a stickler for grammar and punctuation (so if you are from the US and I keep nagging you, you will know why - I hate the current trend for dropping hyphens and the like).

My great loves are music and motorcycles but I also love reading musicians autobiographies and playing golf (although, sadly the "bats" haven't left the garage for a good 2 years).

I spend most of my time at work on the PC and likewise at home (when I can prise my girlfriend off her ebay) and hate Bill Gates and any subsequent CEO of Microsoft with a passion - HEY GUYS, HOW ABOUT TURNING OUT JUST ONE FINISHED PRODUCT FOR A CHANGE AND, WHILE WE'RE AT IT, HOW ABOUT COMPLETING THE CREATION OF OUTLOOK SO WE CAN INSERT SYMBOLS, JUST LIKE IN WORD. MOST OUTLOOK USERS ARE BUSINESS USERS AND THEREFORE INVOLVED IN SCIENCE OR ENGINEERING AND IT REALLY IS A PAIN IN THE BUTT TO KEEP GOING TO ANOTHER PROGRAM TO COPY A SYMBOL AND PASTE IT INTO A MAIL . . . . You may have noticed already, that I am prone to getting "bees" in my bonnet about, sometimes, the slightest thing - like my father before me I am INCREDIBLY intolerant of fools (whilst, no doubt, disregarding my own shortcomings - COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TO THE REST OF THE HUMAN RACE THEN . . . .).

I enjoy burning my own CDs for my bands and am always trying to improve the professionalism of my product. Sadly, it appears that very few musos are bothered about the technical revolution, hence, MUGGINS has to do just about all the organising / bumph production / gig getting etc. . . . . Ho-Hum ! ! ! !

I have joined this discussion community because I have discovered, over the fullness of time, that I appear to be less inept at sorting out most of my computer problems than either our IT people at work or those on the support desks of most ISPs. Hopefully between all of you, you can make a half decent maintainer out of me (as most of it is down to common sense and that is about the only life qualification that I have).

Glad to be here


Please keep it on site.

Hi Alan...Welcome to Daniweb Friend :)