Hi all, just thought a discussion about sci fi authors was in order (why not). I shall start the ball rolling....
My favourite sci-fi author is Philip K Dick. His short stories are fantastic. Gripping, exciting, dark and they always have a good twist, which more often than not, you do not see coming. I would recommend his books/stories to any Sci-Fi fan. Not to mention the numerous movies based on his work:
Blade runner,
A scanner darkly,
Total recall,
Minority report,
Next ,
Now the quality of those movies (in my opinion) does vary rather a lot but the stories are great!
Who is (or Are) your favourite Sci-Fi authors?

<EDIT>Here is an interesting link for any Sci Fi fans out there!

Dr. Who is IMO the all-time best sci fi series ever shown on TV, even outshining Star Trek. The movie made by 20th Century Fox Television, however, was a disaster.

As for the authors: Dr Who -- I don't know who can be considered the author because I think it was a collaberation of several writers.
Star Trek was of course Gene Roddenberry.

Well, I will chime in with my Golden Age favorites:
Alfred Bester who wrote The Stars My Destination (generally considered the best sf novel ever written - but definitely gets on the top 5 lists).

Cordwainer Smith (aka. Paul Linebarger) who wrote a 14,000 year history of Mankind controlled by overlords known as 'the Instrumentality of Man'. He died young producing only one novel and 32 short stories gathered in one book The Rediscovery of Man.

Roger Zelazney wrote sci fi disguised as fantasy (and/or vice-versa) - most are familiar with his Amber series - I think This Immortal or Today We Change Faces are my favorite.

ps I agree Philip K. Dick was a great - he put so many ideas into one of his stories that most lessor authors would use in 5 books.

PKD and Heinlein.
Asimov and Niven.
And to make complete the top 5, Orson Scott Card.

I like I lot, the Asimov saga FUNDATIONS, he take the last days of the briefs of the Roman Empire in Constanstinopla, and some caracters are based in Justiniano (the Emperor), and the Greatest General of his Empire is based in Belisarium General.

H.G Wells in his Time Machine, is so romantic the way he handle the Novel and no romantic in the way the good guy go for a girl, is romantic in the love for the Human Kind and the hope above it (some of that is reflected too in the Rodenberry, Star Trek).

George Orwell and his novel, 1984. A lot of stuff now is happend and some kind of inventions we have everyday and this novel create a big bad felling at persons who read it, is necesary to read to understand why.

I like a lot more, ( I like Blade Runner too), but we need more time writing and maybe give a little resume, in that way, someone (like me), are interested by the Novel and read it.

I like the stories of Philip K. Dick as well. Whereas my alltime favorite Sci Fi stories are:
Job: A comedy of justice by Robert Heinlein
Neuromancer by William Gibson
and not exactly Sci Fi:
Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson
and Illuminatus by Shea/Wilson

My favorite SciFi Movies are Starship Troopers (based on a novel by Heinlein), Total Recall and the these old Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers TV Serials.

Total Recall is also based on a Heinlein novel :)

Is it? is it based on two novels then JWenting?

Oops, it's based on a PKD short story, not a Heinlein novel.
Was thinking about Martian Timeslip, but it's We Can Remember It For You Wholesale.

Ahh I see, I wondered about that actually. Of course, the book (WCRFYW) is much better than the film total recall - which itself is not a bad movie. With regards to Martian Timeslip - any good? Not read any of Heinlein's work...yet...

jerry pournelle - his web page, "best viewed with a browser"!! lol
arthur c clarke - rendevous with rama, 2001...,
larry niven - ringworld series
isaac asimov - you robot, me jane
robert heinlein - stranger in a strange land, the puppet masters, starship troopers
poul anderson - tau zero
ray bradbury - farenheit 451
michael crichton - the andromeda strain
daniel keyes - flowers for algernon (short story)

Of course, the book is much better than the film -which itself is not a bad movie.

Same goes for Minority Report. The book was also from Philip K. Dick and it's plot is a lot better then Tom Cruise playing with wooden balls.
Philip K Dick and Asimov or two of my favourites.

Totally agree there niek_e! although minority report (the film) was quite good

minority report was indeed a good movie, as was i robot.
of course, in almost all cases the book is better - it has the time to devote to the details - movies are quick entertainment.

Hmm.. I don't have a favorite author.
But, my favorite show is Star Trek!