My IQ is 84.60 (Not too easy)

I got over 100. That's as specific as I'm getting. It doesn't tell you how many or which ones you got wrong.

Meh, I got my best score just by randomly clicking answers as quickly as possible. If you actually stop to think about it, you lose.

Besides, what sort of moron site can't even spell "Congradulations"(sic) properly.

apparently the kind of site someone with a reported IQ of 84.6 is proud to report as giving him that score :)

117.67. Don't think it's a very good test. What it measures what you have watched. What you've read. What you've seen. etc. What does toy story say about how smart you are? In my opinion an IQ test should give you something (a picture, piece of text, etc), and ask you questions on it. Further knowledge shouldn't be required. An IQ test should measure reasoning, understanding, linking. I've done online tests and have scored anywhere from 117.67 to 154 or something. In that IQ test you either knew the answer or you didn't. There was no way to work it out.

Hehe. Apparently I'm daniweb's #1, Ireland's #1, world #479, Dublin's #1 (I don't live in Dublin). "Calculated on 5/24/2008 6:18:16 AM based on last 10 questions. Estimated base IQ score is 127.81. There was penalty of 10.14 for answering only 10 questions." Pff. I also disagree with timelines for IQ tests. Or at least for timed IQ tests. There should of course be a time limit, but nothing too short.

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took ad..not that easy but not hard 121...lower than i expected...but don't take it serious...this kind of test is for entertainment...relax ok?

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Agree You can't measure IQ from 10 questions - especially not those type of questions. Like you said, just fun. Wish they wouldn't dress it up as a serious IQ test though.

took ad..not that easy but not hard 121...lower than i expected...

Still 121 is VERY GOOD!! (It IS NOT easy)

Tbh this is way off, mine was 129 and my actual iq is closer to 150...

I got it 129, after trying for 3 times :D
I must say it is not an easy test.. I liked the test :)

This test said I had an IQ of 100.99. Well I guess this makes me average.

I have an IQ of 789. This test said i had an IQ of 200 :/ WTF!

Is an IQ that high even possible?