Hi people
I like others found this amazing place while trying to solve a problem
I am a 49yr traveler in life and work as a self employed transport cover repairman
I live in the small city of Dunedin in the country of NEW ZEALAND
We are renowned for All Blacks Rugby great scenery [see lord of the rings, Narnia,and a few other films that have our scenary featured] and the "can do" attitude that goes with living away down at the bottom of the planet
I like to travel and have visited Europe, Asia, Indonesia, and of course Australia [our nearest neighbor] I love Thailand and its people and hope to retire to their in the future [just love the friendly way they look at people and life]
Im not very computer "savy" I understand virtualy nothing of the technology that I use on a daily basis
How ever I have had a lot of life experiences that I can share if required [Travel tips, life tips and trips]
I have experienced nearly everything from extreme wealth to poverty and the places inbetween
hope that I can be of use to some

Hi...Welcome to Daniweb Friend :)


my biology teacher is from NZ. He is cool

Hi and thanks for the welcome
I have never been a part a forum like this so it is quite cool that people just drop you a "line" to say welcome
I'm pleased that you get along well with your New Zealand tutor
Most people will find us New Zealanders are easy going and approachable
We are always interested in meeting people from other lands and customs although some of us can be a little too proud
Thanks once again for your welcome
Have a great day

Hi there,
Welcome to the group.
I had a few online friends from N.Z.

Hi Thanks for the welcome
I like the reference to the "Ishot the sherrif" [nice]
This is definately a user friendly site