Hi- So after recently having some trouble getting some things on my VoIP box working, I was thinking that it was a real pain to find help online. Useful help, that is. And I am a master of the google search. So I was thinking.... why not create a VoIP Forum on DW?

Anyone else concur? Please post back if yes or no and your thoughts.

Also, feel free to give me reputation points for this.

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why not use Teamspeak or Ventrillo?

Yeah, I don't think by just requesting a new board, you're gonna get it. How many people here even use VoIP anyways? And what would be the point of having a board for it? Benefits of it?

why not use Teamspeak or Ventrillo?

Why to pay for something if you can have it for free with skype, msn and yahoo support VoIP for free, plus many others

Come on, Pete... you are taking too narrow of a view!! What if you want to give cisco 7960 phones to 10 employees at an office and let them take calls? What if you want to keep a telephone (not data) T1 line in place?

Come on, Pete... you are taking too narrow of a view!!

I think I was misjudged this time, I was merely pointing out that there is no need to use Teamspeak or Ventrilo that are paid services (as long somebody will host it for us for free) and you can get other applications that are free to use and many of the members can use it as they already may have accounts(yahoo, msn).
I did not say that building "daniweb" own VoIP service is bad idea. It is actualy interesting idea...