First glance:
Name: Mark Atherton
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 160
Hair: dark brown – graying
Eyes: blue
Location: Woodland CA
Age: 60
Relationship Status: married – 3 children – last child 19 living at home

  • cabinet building & precision woodworking
  • restoring our 122 year old Victorian home for the last 22 years.
  • photography
  • bicycling & bicycle repair
  • cooking

Under the hood:
Interests: Sustainability of all valuable systems, social justice, expansion of world consciousness
Spiritual Orientation: Raised in Catholic family – one of 11 children – lost interest and belief in all formal organized religions – discovered Seth 30 years ago – see Wikipedia - Jane Roberts to learn about Seth
Education: Holy Cross Seminary (high school) Univ. of Notre Dame (parents wanted at least one son to be priest - not for me), BBA – Western Mich Univ
Other life experiences:

  • member of East Wind Community (egalitarian community/commune) 1976 to 1981
  • recipient of Department of Energy solar heating technology grant in 1979 - Carter administration
  • My bicycle odometer reads 8,554 miles - this is the mileage accumulated in the last 38 months commuting back and forth to work (20 miles daily round trip) … on a hand built bike made specifically for me 34 years ago by Matthew Assenmacher in Mt. Pleasant Michigan … who is still making hand built frames.

Employment: 1971 - present - All jobs as programmer analyst - University of California at Davis, State of California - CalTrans, contract programming, Texas Instruments, Upjohn pharmaceutical
Current environment: I am a member of a team developing custom three tier client server web applications. We use ASP.Net, MS SQL, Visual Studio, VB.Net. We develop web services in VB.Net.

Hi Mark...Welcome to Daniweb Friend :)

Welcome to Daniweb!