Is a good thing, talk about the soft we use because we don't experiment whit the lot of stuff are everywhere. only write the name of 3 prog's, if everyone give 3, we have a great list of software to use.

My Favorite's are...

Audio Edit.
Adobe Audition, Is a powerfull program to edit, restore and create audio files, is easy to use and... Have the posibility to create or use files in a 128 channels console.

Jasc. Paint Shop Pro, more than photo paint or others programs for image edit, this program is so easy to use and have some funtions are taken by others programs/companies, after it apears in this program and they see are great.

TuneUp Utilities, Have a great tipe of PC utilities and it work in win XP or Vista.
customize your Win, check all the comp, memory, HD, etc. Is simple and powerfull.

That is the 3 programs I recomend, write the 3 you like more.

See ya.

the grammar check in Microsoft Word would do you good... The spellchecker might help as well...

Maybe had you used them we'd be able to make sense of what you're writing.

WinZip -- which most everyone who does anything worthwhile uses

ACD FotoCanvas Lite 2.0 -- open photos and scanned images so that I can convert them to another format


Office Suite:
Open Office (does everything MS Office does)

Image Viewers:
XnView or IrfanView (small and nimble)

Programming Editor:
ConText (robust, handles a number of languages)

Paint.NET (if you like paintshop pro you will probably like this - free)
MS Office 2003 (frankly the best office suite out there - 07 is terrible.)
7-Zip - even better than winzip and free
CCleaner/ATF Cleaner - make pc faster

Thank's for your sugestions, I try Paint.Net and is like Paint Shop Pro and more easy to use.

Respect the Sysinternals Suite, yes is a great collection of utilities but... If you don't know what you move, you lost your comp... he he ;)

See ya.

yeah i like PDN. Gets updated reguarly too and isnt too slow to start up unlike photoshop

Paint.NET (good features and you pick the price)
Open Office (beats MS Office new and old, donate if you like it)
wrar (beats winzip, pay if you like it)

FL Studio (not free) - Sequencing, VSTi host, etc. (Windows only, run it under Wine in Linux if you must)
Pidgin - Great messaging client that supports most protocols
Inkscape - Good vector editor

Stellarium! its just very cool. And a free download can be found here:

It is a planetarium program that shows exactly what you would see when you look up at the stars.

I also like VLC media player a lot!

ms excel 2003
1. great for creating books, presentations.
2. worlds best data converter

short of a hex editor, view anything.

paint shop pro v7
i have v11 too, but 7 is quicker

atf cleaner
because i fear anything that touches the registry

fire fox browser

stellarium, open office, vlc also cool!
vlc seems to call home a bit much, however...

vlc seems to call home a bit much, however...

What do you mean by that ?

Auto CAD (release 12)
Easy to use and understand.

Side note: If i ever get into building homes this is the program and release i would want. Not sure if I will still be able to get useable release 12 at this point in time

For easy 3d design programs you can't go past the free Google Sketchup

I also really like ashampoo CD and DVD burner, there is a free version wich is still quite good.

Dreamweaver and Photoshop
is the favorite software to me because i am a designer so i am intreset those software