Hi all
I want to start introducing myself as a IT technician,ive been in the field for 5years.
I must say IT is a very GREAT field to be in, but well @ some point and time we all face that problem in our careers where we struggle perhaps for days.that problem that makes you angry, sad,drives you really crazy.I sure did face it already a number of times.

Well I figured why not post that one problem that really played with here by using the following format:
1. what happened
2.how the problem rattled you
3.what you did to fix it

By doing so people will be able to refer to this thread to get fast information.

ohk ill go first[please dont laugh]

ohk it was so 8 years ago and Ive I got a new pc from my dad.back then i didnt know much about computers.
so a year after using my brand new computer I got a computer freeze,boy oh boy what do I do now.so I restarted the machine after doing some activity...and there it goes again.No one could help me eighter,not even some entry level tech guys.so after sitting with that problem everyday for a half an hour or so FOR ATLEAST 3 MONTHS {I know its embarassing} I figured oh yell why not open the the piece of plastic.and that I did.
Having the tower open and looking for broken parts took me atleast ANOTHER MONTH.
So finally at one point I found that the fan on the CPU was slightly loose.so I stuck a piece of wood againts the tower plate to presure the fan
....And whola up untill this point it never froze again.

I have a new pc now but the older one is still in my house with the wood, reason: thats my IT pride(the piece of wood ya),after that I immediately felt a passion for IT.strange I know.
Its actually funny thinking about it now.LOL

Yeah, um, lol... or something.

This really has nothing to do with feedback on DaniWeb.

Hey the Dude youre a maven here how about you giving it a go

>Hey the Dude youre a maven here
The Dude is certainly a maven when it comes to posting arbitrary links in the Geeks' Lounge to entertain us. Beyond that, I'm not so sure.

Let's see:

>1. what happened
The Vista 32-bit display driver for my very expensive graphics card borked up at random intervals, corrupting the screen and causing my games to crash.

>2.how the problem rattled you
I play MMORPGs. Having the application crash while I'm in a group and the group ends up wiping because of me is rather bad for my in-game reputation.

>3.what you did to fix it
I haven't fixed it yet.

thats rather sad than funny.I feel for you dude

> I feel for you dude

Dude? Bah, I blame Narue-chan for having a male avatar. ;-)