Hello all.

I'm from Wales (Swansea), live in Scotland (Glasgow) and work in England (London). Confused? Yep me too, most of the time, but especially when it comes to building my Web Site. Can't seem to get my head around setting up my pages to fit all screen resoultuion and browsers hence my joining DaniWeb.

I'm a Marine Engineer (Royal Navy) who has retrained into civvy street Project Management which has exposed me to IT in many of its forms.

When I'm educated enough to formulate good questions re web site creation/management I'll be back in touch.

In case your interested my site is <snipped url> - Hope I'm not breaking any rule by stating this.


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Hi there,
Thanks for the detailed intro.
Best to place your site in your signature.

Thanbks - done.


Welcome to DaniWeb. You can put the URL to your site in your signature without us deleting it. Also if you want suggestions on improving it you can post the link(s) in Website Reviews

Thanks very much.

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