Hello everyone, I just wanted to take a quick second to say Hi and introduce myself. I'm not really an IT person, I'm a photographer who uses a computer on a daily basis. I make photos using a digital camera and send the images back to the newspaper who employs me. I use a PowerBook G4 laptop to caption and tone my images. I also shoot a little bit of video for the newspaper and photography has been a hobby for the last 30 years. I came here looking for help for a problem I had in iMovie.

I'm married and live in Southern California.

I have PC's (Windows XP) & Mac's (10.4.2) at home.

I produce multimedia for work and pleasure using Soundslides, iMovie, and I'm getting my feet wet with Final Cut Express HD (3.5)

If you want to see some of my photos, you can take a look at a 20-photo gallery I created. Since I'm a staffer for the newspaper, I don't do freelance.


Best wishes, Napawillie

Hi there,
Thanks for the detailed introduction.
Welcome, by the way!