Well, my user name pretty much tells the story of why I'm here.

I bought Vista Ultimate 64 Signature Series the day it was released.

Since then, I've had to install it from scratch THREE times since the first install!

All because it develops problems that MS spends WEEKS trying to solve and winds up telling me to do a custom re-install.

I love the OS, but now I have the dreaded WMP crash problem.

I fear I'm looking at yet ANOTHER re-install, because I've tried EVERYTHING possible to fix it without success.

If anyone can point me to a thread that reveals something I may have missed, I'd appreciate it.

I've done the SFC /SCANNOW and got 100% but it didn't fix the corrupted files and wrote a huge log of gobbledygook.

Yours in total frustration,

:( :'( :@ :sad: :angry:


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