Name: abigail
Nickname: abbhie
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 120
Hair: Black
Eyes: black
Location: philippines
Age: 20

Computers, singing, internet,

Relationship Status:
in a relationship

Fav Music:
pop, alternatives

5th year student (BSECE)

Favorite Food:
filipino foods, pasta, tuna sandwich(yum!)

Favorite Movies:
pursuit of happYness, a walk to remember, just like heaven.etc

Favorite TV Shows:
many to mention

Stuff you Dislike:
i so hate cramming.hehe

hi! i'm an ECE student in the philippines.. it's my last year of taking up the course.. this semester, we're about to have sooo many projects and we do have a thesis project to be passed by the end of the school year.. i would be very happy to ask help from the "techi" gurus here..thanks in advance.. god bless. more power!

Welcome to DaniWeb Abbhie

>>Eyes: black
Are you sure? I never heard of a human with black eyes. You are human aren't you :) Maybe you mean you have grey eyes ?

Hi Abigail,
Thanks for the detailed intro.
Welcome, by the way!