I just registered here. I am an online student working toward an AAIT/N. I am interested in networking and am working up to be brave enough to consider how programming works. I have been driving a truck for 15 years and it's time for a change. I want tp get a B.S. in ITN and get a job in the IT field somewhere doing something.

The IT field seems to be the future and it has a vast sea of knowledge to tap into. I would like to learn as much as possible about computing. If anyone has suggested reading for me, please tell me about it.

The curriculum I am using is great, but I know that sometimes books and the real world are quite different. I am hoping to do some reading on this site and learn some things from IT professionals. I only hope that the lingo and jargon are not over my head.

I like the F16 Eagle on the thumbnail. I was an enlisted airman back in the early nineties. The F16 is one of my favorite fighters.

Hi there,
Good luck with your educational goals.