I am Kevin and have just signed up to daniweb.
I am a PHP dev with 10+ years PHP experience and with associated technologies.
I have recently struck out on my own to develop PHP and database driven websites
You can see examples of my work on http://phpro.org

My new site for development will be http://bangasanga.com where anybody interested
can hire a PHP dev, namely, me.

It says in the guidelines to say a bit about yourself so here it is...
I am Australian and like the beach.
I lhave 3 cats (Maine Coon, Ragdoll, feral) and a Dog (Alaskan Malamute)
I play football (soccer) for a local club where we are currently 5th on the ladder

When I am not coding I am writing tutorials and articles for my web site @ phpro.org
I like music, my tastes range from Mozart to Sex Pistols.
I built my own "hog" Harley Davidson and like to ride about.
I enjoy live music, the ballet and live theater..
I like people who are up-front and don't put on airs and graces.
I am an Aries and share a birthday with Napoleon, Adolf Hitler and Carmen Electra.
At school I was voted "most likely to kill somebody" by my peers