My overall score was 47% :D

itdupuis commented: Thanks for sharing a great game! +1

Lol.. Walking heart attack ! 100%.. I wish I could do this in real life without getting fired ;)

that is one of the most Random games i have ever played! I got 70%

Well, I was also rated at a walking heart attack!

Destruction; 98%
Throw distance; 93%
Overall; 95%

Quite entertaining!!

Hmmm, this is rather stress was rated as a Nutter...

Destruction: 90%
Throw distance: 60%
Overall: 75%


I'm sure many wish to do this in real life.

my overall score was 86% .. That was fun!

a wimpy 60% *runs off to find me some kinda turbo mouse* :p

I just tried it with my old monitor. I threw it 12 feet and 7 inches. Should be an Olympic event!

overall 70$. Wish can do this in real life :) Lol..

I tried again and got 50% (overall)

I tried again and got 50% (overall)

You aren't enough frustrated then ;)

Boy was I going crazy