I work for a university and have just changed jobs from a place where I was surrounded by seriously excellent computer folk to the Police Department, where I'm about the most accomplished person here software-wise :-O

I do a lot of web pages with a lot of Photoshop goodies and a little ColdFusion. When I moved over here my Suggestion Box web page for the Police moved with me, only several parts of it were lost in translation :@ so now I have to immediately ramp up on ColdFusion skills my own self rather than having the brains right there to yell hints at me. Awe woe.

Hope to also be doing a lot of good stuff for these folks in Access and Excel. Designed a shift scheduler for them in Excel when they were looking at $25K software, so they're being patient so far...

Hope you folks are patient with my dumb questions--I do learn fast, really! ...and maybe I have something to offer those with questions about Excel and Photoshop.
Glad to be here!


Hi there:
Welcome to here.
Good luck with your endeavors.

Welcome Demanian!
No honest questions are dumb. Ask away and you'll find the nicest people in the world answering you honestly and capably.
You'll find this site/community to be composed of really capable computer folk (there are a few less capable ones, like me)--but we all learn when we ask questions.