Hello all

Fell over this forum site while googling for something or other (I forget now what I was looking for). Looks to be one of the better communities around for IT geeks, and similar entities, so here I am.

In brief: I'm an overweight ageing IT bod who's been in this business for 35+ years - it used to be called "data processing", you know. My current job title is IT Manager, but that belies my real interest, which is in systems development. I'm just a coder at heart. However, I find that, as I spend more & more time doing IT, I know less and less about what I'm doing. So this community should be very useful to me, and I hope I can be useful to others.

I live and work on the Dorset coast, in England, and yes I know how lucky I am for that. My interests: I can't deny that I compute at home as well as at work. I do photography (digital only these days), and I'm struggling to be creative with some digital art too. I like all kinds of music, but not all music. I have a variety of children, none of whom live with me but all of whom I try to spend some time with as often as possible. Oh, and I confess that I do play World of Warcraft. Quite often. Blame my oldest son!

I reckon that's about enough. If you've read this far, I thank you and I hope to meet you in some other thread at some time in the future.

Hi, d_prog.

Welcome to daniweb! :)

Welcome to DaniWeb--the only thing you'll be sorry about this site is that you didn't find it sooner! This is a great community, serious people, the kind who like to be friendly and helpful.
Happy participating in whatever you find catches your interest.

Glad to have you here! Hope you'll enjoy it.

Hi there,
Thanks for the detailed intro.
Enjoy the stay!