Hi there everyone just a quick hello, iw as browsing the web for a link to a laptop and came a across a few people who had a problem with the same model laptop i was browsing for, i will go there in a sec and give my advice.

Anyways i am a self taught laptop/PC repair man, i buy and sell both , most of them recycled...repaired and sold on.
Am also a full time dad of 2 with another on the way, i am 34 years young...i think and hopefully will be a usefull member of this community, i promise no sales pitches hehe

Hopefull will get to know yo all...and most likley will be chewing your ears of for tech help also, although i have to say there is not many a laptop or pc that has crossed my path that i have not repaired or at least diagnosed, i am experience in full motherboard replacements of laptops and rebuilding both from scratch up, i am also quite familiar with the software side of things and keeping a system running nice and smoothly

My system specs are as follows...

Not very good lol ......

I had both my pc and laptop for a years now and they run great for me i dont see the point of renewing something that isnt broken hehe

Acer Aspire 1360

I tell a lie i have that many PC,s built and ready to go i snagged a little something for myself the other day

AMD 64 bit 3000+ CPU with lots of goodies inside and a few waiting to go in and i have to say i am noticing the difference in this upgrade from my old 32 bit processor..

Oooo sorry i said by a while back and carried on babbling..
Cya all soon

AKA (tigertunes)