I just registered here on this site.
It seems a nice place to be;) Just before writing these lines i poked around here and read some of the tuts and looked into some fora.

I'm somewhat of a programming layman, started sometimes long ago but focussed then on other things. But now i rediscovered quasi my "old hobby" -sounds strange because i'm in my thirties *smile*

To make a long story short: i am here to learn something and hopefully improve my skills. My main interest is in C; but aditionally i am learning C++ for about 2 weeks now and I'm looking forward to learn a little bit of Python.

If something in this text doesn't make sense in any way i feel sorry - i should add, i am from Germany and it's just 3.05 a.m. and i'm feeling a little (only a little?) bit tired now.
But after a first glimpse of your site, i'm happy i came across this place :)

Have a nice day!

Edit: sorry, can't stop laughing about your emoticons/smileys.
;) <- look's a bit strange(?)

Glad to have you here! Hope you'll enjoy it.

Hi...Welcome to daniweb Friend