hello all;
I enjoy the anonymity of the Internet so I will introduce myself as Casper, a nick name I got when I was in high school for the ability to be anyplace yet never seen.

I am a teacher in China, I teach Internet web design (more specifically I teach PHP and MySQL)
I enjoy what I do but I find myself dabbling in other things as well (which is what brings me here to your stop on the Internet highway)
I will post help when I see where I can when I can in the web development section but I will be posting in other areas that I am lurking to learn new things (you can never know too much yet can never know enough)
I'm married with 3 children, 38, sense of humor - can be serious when needed-
looking forward to giving and receiving help from my fellow lurkers.
:) nice to meet you all

hello this is Casper, Casper this is everyone :)

Thank you zandiago, I hope I to offer as much help as I can, while I'm here

Hi Casper:
Lots to learn!

Thank you selhelpbooks
always a fan of learning

Hello Casper. Glad to see you joined DaniWeb. I don't know diddly squat about PHP or web development, so you will rarely see me in any of those boards. But don't hesitate to help others when needed.

commented: Thank you for the welcome +1

I will do what I can for everyone.
There is this great growing fad that the great geeks of the world are following however so many of those who need help seem to always fail to find.
Its called GOOGLE :) I can help anyone, Ive GOT THE POWER muuwah ha ha ha

thank you makemoneyonline

hmmm I like that name, make money... $$$ cha qing