How many of us photographed (or tried to) the fireworks on Independence Day, or any other event? Share your successes, or failures. It was my first attempt but they came out all right in the end, I guess. If yours came out alright, what f-stop, exposure time, ISO settings did you use? Did you use an automatic setting? What kind of camera? Mine was a cheap Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S60. My attachments: First picture was f/5.6, 2 second exposure, ISO 200. Second picture was f/5.6, 3 second exposure, ISO 100.

John A commented: lookin' good! +15

Wow..nice pictures.
I like the last one a lot. :)

I don't go to see fireworks any more -- watch them mosquito-free on tv. Last night I watched Boston Pops Orchestra annual televised concert, which included nice fireworks afterwords.

Awesome pictures there Jasimp, have tried to photograph fireworks myself on Guy Fawkes night, nothing like as clear as those images! Nice work!

Thanks for all the input. To get really clear images a tripod is essential, or at least a steady surface so the camera won't move.

And I suspect a camara is also a good thing to have :) I suspect you have a pretty good one too, not one of those throw-aways we can buy from Kodak.

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I have a compact digital that has some manual adjustments, its a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S60, around $200 dollars when I bought it, so not a throw-away but a lot less than the $1000-2000 cameras that are out there. This is a good page describing it.

I don't go to see fireworks any more -- watch them mosquito-free on tv.

YES! Another reason I love Seattle - no bugs, we get the occasional mosquito but nothing like black flies, deer flies, etc. Heck, you can drive for hours at night and not have to clean off your windshield/bumper/hood.

Oh, yeah! Really cool pics of fireworks -- if any of mine turned out i will post a few.