This is the first forum I have ever become a member. And I am having a good time here. Though its about a month I am having some doubts & I don't even know where to post this.

1) How to make the title of the thread I start to be bold.
2) What is the meaning of "Post a Poll"
3) This is not so important, How to use animated gif as my avatar. ( is it something only moderators can do?)

Hope this thread belongs here:-/


Your thread title will appear bold when it has unread posts in it. Posting in a poll is if you want to poll people. You ask a question and give them options. They can choose any of the options and there is a graph showing how many people picked each category. A good example would be found here. Only moderators can use animated avatars. And yes, this thread does belong here.

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One more. I guess I did not state the first question clearly. So I would do it with an example here. If you open the Community Introduction Forum all other threads name will be bold except for my own, which you just replied. And also there is a down arrow mark in front of the thread name. How would I do it in my threads? Will [B)Hi Everyone(/B] do?

I'm pretty sure the only time a thread title will be bold is when you have unread posts in it, same with the down arrow.

Thanks. I did not understand it clearly before. Now I understand. The Threads that I did not read appear bold to me.

Hello! Welcome to the forum. Good luck with your sites!

Great welcoming! Thank you everyone.

One more question.

What is Reputation-Altering power?
I have only one. Recently I added many reputations to many other members & still its only one.

Thanks in advance

Rep- altering power is your ability to change (higher or lower) someone's reputation points. If you gave a rep in the Geek-Lounge, it doesn't count.

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Your Rep Power is based: on number of posts, your reputation, and how long you have been a member.

is Rep Power == Rep-Altering Power?

. Only moderators can use animated avatars.

Actually.... Everyone can use an animated avatar. Look closely at mine for a few seconds ;) (yes it's animated)

Only sponsors and moderators are supposed to have animated avatars. However sometimes normal members have them too, due to a loophole or something when they upload them. Read this. That could be out of date but it was only a few months ago dani decreased the payment amount and I assume it was updated then.