Hi, All. I've been drawn to Daniweb due to a nearly dead laptop. I'm a way mature woman. I've got a family; degree in biology, worked at a ton of different jobs including veterinarian tech (a couple of different clinics), university greenhouse conservatory specialist, bird breeder (different university) marine aquaria specialist. Anyway, all that looks great on paper...... I love computers. I'm thrilled with software (when it works right) and have more exposure and totally enjoy hardware. Back to my outside life. I speak Spanish and French and a little Finnish. My son wants to continue with German so I'm doing what I can there. I'm an artist, musician and writer that I've been paid for only in conjuction with wage-jobs; basicly not in their own right (I told you that I'm WAY mature, didn't I? so I've had time to play). I enjoy gardening and landscaper and sports that I play myself (not an armchair athlete). This may mean soccor with the family dog in a pinch; he's quite a formidable opponent! Music: I like it all but especially Techno right now. I hesitate to say that I like Ramstein, but I do. I REALLY like the blues. I do enjoy classical music for some quiet time. Movies that I like; action thrillers, murder mysteries. now and again something off-beat like Secret Window. I enjoy Cheach and Chong (example, Up in Smoke) and the likes. I aso enjoy the old classics The things that I currently hate are plumbing work and electrical work (because there's some that I am currently forced to do) and monotonous repetitive things that never stay done (like mowing the lawn). "May the wind be at your back and your computers run cool."

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