Name: Classified
Nickname: Sgt (soon to be Lt)
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 230lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Bue
Location: TX
Age: 28

Hobbies: Tribalwars.net, scuba diving, History, reading, trips to Mexico, learning random bits of information

Relationship Status: SINGLE

Fav Music: Spanish Rock, Country, Rock up until the turn of the century, Indie, basically everything but hip hop.

Education: Sr. in CIS

Work: Military Finance clerk moving over to Information Technology

Favorite Food: jicama, pizza with corn, sinchronizada, botana platters, quizno/subway, fruits.

Foods most disliked: anything I am allergic to

Favorite Movies: I like anything with a good plot and the actors to pull it off

Most disliked movies: racial movies

Favorite TV Shows: don't watch TV

Favorite Video Games: tribalwars.net, diablo II, starcraft, warcraft

Stuff you Dislike: I can tolerate almost anything....except racism and big gov't (I know and I'm in the military)

Favorite Chat Rooms/Msg Boards: this is my first

Favorite season: winter, then I have an excuse to be in front of my computer all day

Here for: for beginner programming projects up to advance ones some day and to learn as much as I can about networking security.

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