Hi everyone, I am a student and planning soon to purchase a new cell phone (the old one is so...out of fashion) with a very trendy and expensive look including all the required functions. The problem is that my purchasing budget is not even touching the edge of the cell phones rates like Nokia, Samsung, etc. I want to know is there any handset with all these qualities and available at reasonable rates?

depends on what you consider "reasonable rates". Bill Gates might considere $1 Million/year reasonable, but since I doube you are a multi-billionaire that problably isn't quite in your price category. Why don't you just google for cell phones to see what you can come up with.

Perhaps you should be more concerned with attending to your studies than whether your phone is "trendy and expensive looking" or "out of fashion".

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I recently picked up the Samsung Instinct, through Sprint. Since I was signing a new contract I got the "cheaper" price of $229, and with the rebate ($100) it comes out relatively inexpensive for all the greatness it offers...

Google it or go to sprint.com for more info on the instinct :-D Goodluck!

That or pick up a used from Craigslist...

well said Ezzaral. My thoughts exactly.
My first cell was stolen, the second lasted for 5 years until the keyboard failed.
I bought a new one yesterday to replace another dead phone, wouldn't have done so had Nokia's build quality not gone down the drain over the last few years...

Yes, there are some replica mobiles which have the trendy looks including reasonable rates. The good thing about these mobiles is that they have the exact look and gives you the feel of having the desired mobiles at real affordable prices. There is a choice of many ranges of replica mobiles that can be selected.