Hello fellow IT'ers!

My name is Ant Grinyer and I've been working in the software industry for nearly 15 years. I've worked as a developer, architect, manager, and currently as a business analyst, however I'm moving into a new role soon as software process architect.

I have a passion for software development, particularly methodologies and thus am a strong advocate for ways that work, for me and from my experience, that's agile methods.

I help run an agile methods interest group in the UK called AgileNorth <url snipped> I'm currently Treasurer. Furthermore, I'm pursuing a part-time PhD with the Open University in England. My research interests are empirical and evidence-based software engineering, agile methods, and technology adoption. It's hard work with a fulltime job, but very rewarding.

Very much looking forward to contributing to the group.

Kind Regards,

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