Find out here :)

My results

With my right hand i got: LOW

With my left hand i got: HIGH (I was clicking like crazy :D)

I got "Very High" for both my hands.

Left Hand: Very High
Right Hand: Insanely High
For my right hand I was so close to (at least according to the bar underneath) "Delusions of Godhood" Alas I was only at "Cracked Out". They told me I was a "vibrating crackhead". :)


You clicked 167 times in 30 seconds.
Your caffeine level for today is:

Extremely High - Excessive Energy, Spastic


You clicked 137 times in 30 seconds.
Your caffeine level for today is:

Very High - Productive Worker, Jittery

link doesn't work

What happens when you try it buddy??

What happens when you try it buddy??

I just got the Page Not Found error message. I've tried it sense then and it worked ok.

I only tried right hand and got only moderate rating -- that's probably because I rarely play games or because my fingers are slowing down. When they stop moving I guess I'll have to quit DaniWeb :)

the level for my right hand: Very High (140) and High (107) for my left hand... I feel more caffeinated after this exercise.

The bar isn't long enough for my clicking skills..

Near Death - Delusions of Godlike power

(I play (hardrock)guitar, so I have a lot of speed in the fingers on my lefthand :P )

i love starbucks so test result is: 116 clicks.. thanks for the share..;)

I clicked 153 times in 30 seconds. I have closed the tab but I think it said "jittery, productive".

When I woke up I had a can of redbull. Then when I had two Mocha (chocolate + coffee, I think that's what it's called) in the morning and then a regular white coffee near the end.