Hey everyone.

Last spring I completed my CSII course and will be taking data structures and algorithms in the fall. I came into my CS program with no prior programming experience but have managed A's in the first year, but from what I've been told Data Structures is a pretty tough course so I'm preparing this summer for the fall.

What I'm doing is working my way through both my last semester's textbook, "C++ and Data Structures " by Nell Dale --the parts we didn't cover--and going through all of the "C++ Primer Plus" by Stephen Prata.

I'm half way through the Primer Plus and have started looking at some of the 'case studies' in my textbook (for those familiar with it).

Just wanted to introduce myself because I'll probably have some questions in the coming week and thereafter. Just to let anyone know, I'm not in class right now and don't need help with 'homework', and won't be asking people to code my stuff. Just looking to build knowledge over the summer.



Hi Matt;
Welcome to the site.
Good luck with your endeavors.

Welcome aboard! Hope to see you around!