Hello All,
My name is Denzel and i'm a beginning programmer teaching myself starting with PHP. I came across this site while searching for help during most of my projects I found myself working on and during my latest project of building my own ticketing system just to learn how to do it I decided it's time to sign up.

In addition to learning programming I also like linux and normally have it on my main system as well as any server I setup. I don't know a lot about linux yet either but I know enough to setup and manage the server and overcome some issues that come up along the way.

I like doing just about anything but find myself playing games and watching movies the most. I also love camping and hiking but who has the time for that. I also enjoy reading and have taken up other hobbies such as learning latin as well. While i'm here i might as well say thanks to all you who make this forum so useful. I have yet to need to post a question but i'm sure once I do there will be someone there with a helpful response.

Hope you'll like it here!