I an an old retired ?????) I have been a business owner, manager, repairman, sales, etc (all automotive in my early adult years. Later I took my experience back to school and got a degree in teaching auto body repair and painting. In the early 1980s I became interested in computers and started with a "hotrod" commodore 64 with dual drives and color monitor. I have played with computers since. My latest toy is a Mac Pro with dual 22" monitors on which I experiment with video and photo editing and production. My son, "Matt The Geek" started his "in-home, in-business" repair & networking service a few years ago. I helped him in getting started and when he was swamped for a while but didn't want to be tied down at my stage in life. He is doing great all over three counties in lower Michigan but he doesn't have the time for laptops. He and other computer services in the area refer those customers to me. Just enough to keep me interested and still independen!! Anyway, I like your group and am looking forward to participating as I have a chancel I have one problem now on a Dell 6000, It will run fine connected to an external monitor but nothing on the screen of the laptop. First thought of course, is replace LCD, but I made that mistake on one of my own a few years ago. Anyone with any suggestions for me on this?

Thanx and Have Great Dayss!!

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Welcome to DaniWeb where you will find several of us old dinosaurs :) As for your question, please post on one of the Tech Talk boards.


Thanx for the welcome. I did post to the discussion group and am awaiting replies.

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