Good day to you! As many people continue to feel the effects of a deteriorating economy. I'd like to know what you, DaniWeb members from different parts of the world, have done to save some money and what chnages you've made in your lifestyle...if any.

Those of you who know me also know that I've retired for the third time about a year ago, and after 1 week I went back to work at Wal-Mart. Since I retired my wife and I do many more things together and eat out at resturants a lot more frequently because we have more time to do those things. The preceived American deteriorating economy ?? I haven't noticed it much except higher gas and food prices.

There are plenty of good jobs around the LA area, somebody has to take care of all the damaged hero veterans.

AD - What is working for W-M like? - I may have to look there myself.

Z - good poll, (woulda,shoulda,coulda - more choices, multiple choices??)

I chose 2 days a week that I NEVER drive; I bus to work (it adds 3 hours to my work day); we started a garden (just tomatoes, broccoli, and Swiss chard - we got 'em for free); I make my own sparkling water - I can go through a case of Taking Rain in a week, then when you add in the hidden costs like fuel and so on.... - using CO2 and tap water; I try to turn off at least one of my computers; and so on..

AD - What is working for W-M like? - I may have to look there myself.

Where I work it seems that's where all old retirees move :) There are quite a few of us 65+ people there, and some 75+ people. We are all part-time because we want to be part time. We don't get rich working there, but its something to do and pays the gas bills. The most difficult part is standing on my feet for long periods of time. We get 15 minute breaks every two hours or so.

Also they have really radical work schedules. They publish the work schedules three weeks in advance, and I can never count on when or what times I'll work until the schedule comes out. For example I worked 12:30 pm (noon) - 5:00 pm today, and tomorrow I'll work 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 pm.

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Thanks for the replies thus far. I've personally planted some spices & other ground provisions along with some fruit trees I've had from years ago, to provide me with fruits. I have a pretty decent car, corolla (toyota).