My name is coumarin and I am a retailer. The reason why I am here is that I sell my work over the internet primarily and I have been studying and practicing being a computer person and web designer for more time than I like to admit. I started all this in 1997/8 and have been chasing after it ever since.

My primary areas of goodness are: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, XHTML. I have a website which is made up of Zen Cart, PayPal, QBI, and Quickbooks. That is how I run my business. I would have thought that was standard operating procedure now, but it isn't. As a matter of fact quite a few people are terrified when I want to talk to them about running a business almost totally through the computer. They like the pencil sharpening days where each transaction was handled lovingly by hand. PHffft. This is the 21st century, I don't have time for the silliness! So, I like to share what I know with others and see if I can learn more and teach them something. Fair trade.

I do have a nerd who does my php work for me. There is just so much you can do, at some point you have to get other folks to do things, too.

My favorite weapon for XHTML is Top Style Pro. OK, maybe I am a luddite in that I shudder at the thought of using Dreamweaver. What, not be able to pinpoint and change one pixel at a time! Rubbish! I can do that with surgical precision. Well, actually I do think it is a great thing to do things by coding. It does give you magical control (if you do it right) and it allows you to say things like,"I harrrrrd code," much to the amazement of other people at cocktail parties.

I used to be in a great techie community. They were a combination of computer workers and friends who were very funny and were kind about explaining things to each other. Alas, as time went on, members started to peel off and the whole thing basically ran down.

I miss them. So, I thought I would come in here and introduce myself and prove what an extrovert I am. I really like to tell jokes, find and show my friends funny things, invent stuff to be amusing, and work hard.

Hope you'll like it here!

Hi Coumarin:
Thanks for the detailed intro.
Welcome, by the way!