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My name is Emiola Taofeek. I joined daniweb in a determined search of knowledge on ASP scripting. I am a graduate of Biological Sciences from the university of Abeokuta (UNAAB) Ogun State, in Nigeria. My determination to become a business owner drove me into web design and thereafer, I became more involved in the IT business, specializing only in web based business activities. I am a webmaster to about 14 websites now (those of clients and my company's). My corporate website is <URL SNIPPED>. I recently delved into web hosting business and just started building my site <URL SNIPPED>. The need for me to really use asp scripted pages on the website drove me to really start learning. I got connected to Daniweb from the w3schools website. I will like to recieve instructions from Vicky Rawat if he could be kind enough. Also any other member is welcome.

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I hope so too with helpful hands like yours. Thanks a lot for the response.

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